Orient Rhythm is coming to Australia!

For the first time internationally acclaimed Tokyo based act Orient Rhythm will be available in Australia for bookings from the 13th to the 31st October.  Orient Rhythm’s performance has to be seen to be believed.

His setup is not complex and his performance is suitable for corporate events, special events, product launches, and festivals.

Dates available 13th to 31st October.

Please contact Robert McHatton on 0439 662 710 or robert@orgint.com.au for more information.


OIE exclusively signs Adam Lopez

OIE will like to welcome Adam Lopez to their exclusive roster. Adam holds the Guinness World Records for singing the highest vocal note by a male singer. The super-sonic note is C#8 – one note higher than the top note of a Grand Piano!

For the first time ever David and Dania are coming to Australia!

We are very excited to announce that Organisers International Entertainment is bringing David and Dania to Australia for the month of September 2013. For all booking inquiries and for more information please contact Robert McHatton, email: robert@orgint.com.au or mobile 0439 662 710. Get in quick to avoid disappointment.

David and Dania the mesmerizing original QUICK CHANGE act that has taken the world by storm! Finalists in the highest rating America’s Got Talent ever, seen on Oprah 5 times, seen on Ellen 4 times, special guest appearances at the White House, over180 million views on YOUTUBE, performed on over 100 TV shows worldwide.

David and Dania’s jaw dropping QUICK CHANGE which sees their costumes change in a split second right in front of your eyes and will leave you wanting more, asking yourself… “How did they just do that?”

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Amadeus – The beautiful Romanian Electric Quartet!

Four girls with a daring look, playing electric instruments and combining pop-dance rhythms with the virtuosity of the classic instruments. They live through music, they are best friends since high-school, and they have worked very hard to make their dream come true. This is Amadeus.

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OIE exclusively signs Jonathan Clark

OIE exclusively signs Jonathan Clark

OIE exclusively signs Jonathan Clark

In show-business, a truly multi-talented performer is a “triple threat,” a title that perfectly describes the incredible talents of comedian, singer and impressionist, Jonathan Clark. From Sinatra to Springsteen, Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello, Ozzy to Orbison.

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